5454 O H111 H112 Marine Grade Aluminum Plate Sheet

5A05 aluminum plate sheet for dump truck The dump truck used for transporting bulk, granular, powdery material, its hopper with 5A05 aluminum alloy plate welded, body side plate 9--10mm thick, 12--18mm thick, all the body use 5A05 aluminum alloy plate, can greatly reduce the equipment quality, has obvious advantages in energy saving, emission reduction and performance etc. 5A05 is a Aluminum Alloy most widely used, this alloy has high strength, especially with anti fatigue strength: ductility and high corrosion resistance, no heat treatment to strengthen, in the semi cold hardening plastic plastic is good, low cold hardening, good corrosion resistance, good weldability but, the cutting performance of poor polishing. It is mainly used for high demand plasticity and good weldability, low load parts working in liquid or gas medium, such as fuel tank, gasoline or lubricating oil conduit, all kinds of liquid containers and other small load parts made by deep drawing. Alloy: 5A05 Temper: H32, H34,H36, H38 Thickness: 9--20mm Width: 1000mm--3000mm Length: 2000mm---6000mm Tension Strength n σb (MPa):≥225 Yield Strength σ0.2 (MPa):≥110 Elongation δ10 (%):≥1
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Each Total
5A05 0.50 0.50 0.10 0.3-0.6 4.8-5.5 -- -- 0.20 -- 0.05 0.1 Remainder